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“...by far the freshest I have ever tasted... best I’ve ever had.”

- Dr. Deaton, Charleston, SC

Visiting Edisto Beach or Edisto State Park? Be sure to listen out for The HAPPIE Truck’s signature music and wave us down to get your Jumbo Boiled Peanuts and/or ice cream straight from the truck!

The Happie Truck delivering boiled peanuts for sale on Edisto Island, SC and online
Jumbo Boiled Peanut mascot wearing a crown and a smile.


Perfectly soft. Never too salty. The HAPPIE Chicks' Jumbo Boiled Peanuts are slow cooked to perfection year-round. We use multiple sources in the Carolinas, Virginia and beyond to ensure that our JUMBOS are the biggest, juiciest peanuts the South has to offer.

Boiling peanuts is our passion. And just like mastering the fine art of making Southern Sweet Tea, our cooking process can’t be captured in a simple recipe.

Fresh Jumbo Boiled Peanuts spilling out of the bag.
Jumbo Boiled Peanuts cooking in a caldron, bubbling over with mouth watering, delicious juices and spices.

We have created the perfect balance of peanuts, salt, temperature, timing, love, and our signature ingredient to create the “mmm WOW!” factor that keeps our customers coming back for more. Each order is vacuumed-packed at its freshest and can be enjoyed hot, cold, or even room temperature.

Our Southern Jumbo Boiled Peanuts are the must-have nut for true boiled peanut fans nationwide. Now available in Classic Southern, Low-Salt, and our new Spicy Cajun Habanero blend that adds an extra kick and lingering heat to our classic full-flavored recipe.


The Happie Chicks ,sellers of Jumbo Boiled Peanuts, playing at the beach on Edisto Island, SC.

One hour south of Charleston - north of Savannah, is a little-known island called Edisto. Though this quaint beach town stays sleepy during the winter, during the summer it hosts guests from all over the world.

Though there is not much to do on this teeny island, it is the perfect place to soak in the sunsets, watch the dolphin play, and if you listen carefully, you may even be lucky enough to hear the unmistakable tunes of The HAPPIE Truck – one of the cutest little ice cream trucks on earth!

One fall day, we, The Happie Chicks, decided to add a salty snack to compliment the local flavor of our sweet little truck. When we found out the official state snack of South Carolina was Boiled Peanuts, the race was on!

Jumbo Boiled Peanuts steeping in our caldrons - top view.
Jumbo Boiled Peanuts from the Happy Chicks are Mama Hodge Approved!

With two stoves going and testing eight recipes at a time, several days, batches and taste tests later, we felt we had found the perfect recipe. But is wasn’t until we got the thumbs up from Mama Hodge, a salty 86-year-old South Carolina native and self-proclaimed boiled peanut aficionaado, that we decided to take our peanuts public. Now folks chase down the ice cream truck for more than ice cream… and many comment how they wish they had Boiled Peanuts as good as these back home . . . So now we ship Southern, Low Salt and Spicy Cajun Habanero directly to our customers nationwide. It doesn’t get much happier than that!


Super Happy Chick Jill with the Happie Truck at Edisto Island, SC.

In her former life, Jill spent the majority of her career helping children as a Crisis Case Manager, Troubled Youth Counselor, and Professional Tennis Instructor. She was recently inducted into the Wingate Tennis Hall of Fame.
Yay Jill!

Ginger spent the majority of her career climbing the corporate ladder in the entertainment industry from copywriter (writing the movie synopsis on the back of VHS boxes) to Sr. Director of Marketing / Acquisitions. But the highlight of her career was publishing a little book called “When Donkeys Fly” which won the Mom’s Choice Award. Yay us ☺!
Check it out if you are interested at whendonkeysflybook.com. Signed copies of the book are also available for sale on this site.

Super Happy Chick Ginger, where?  Definately NOT selling jumbo boiled peanuts from the Happie Truck at Edisto Island, SC.


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  1. I thought I had eaten really good boiled peanuts in my lifetime until the day I tried boiled peanuts from The HAPPIE Chicks. These peanuts are not only juicy and flavorful, they are really big with no duds in the batch. In short, The HAPPIE Chicks' Boiled Peanuts are superb and not to be missed.Henry W.
    Edisto Beach, SC

  2. Last summer I brought 2 lbs. of boiled peanuts from a rather famous peanut stand in Charleston with me to Edisto Island. When I got to the beach, I tried Ginger and Jill’s (The HAPPIE Chicks') peanuts, and found they were by far the freshest I have ever tasted… best I’ve ever had. Their peanuts are nicely salted and not covered in the slime I find many boiled peanuts have. Try them and you will be glad you did!Dr. Deaton
    Charleston, SC

  3. I fell in love with boiled peanuts during my college days at the Citadel but no one sells them here in Pittsburgh. Every year when we vacation in SC, I stock up but my family eats them all on the drive home. This summer, I discovered The HAPPIE Chicks' Boiled Peanuts. They are the big jumbo good ones that are so hard to find. Now, I have them delivered to my house and they are just as fresh and flavorful I as when I bought them on the island. And, since orders come packed in 2 packages, I even get my own bag!Matt L.
    Pittsburgh, PA


Order Description:

Each order is shipped in 2 x 2 lb. bags. (4 lbs. total) so you can enjoy one now and share one with a friend OR freeze a bag for later if sharing isn’t your thing.


Priority shipping is included with every order in the continental U.S.


Send a taste of the South to homesick students, transplanted Southerners or friends and family who have acquired a taste for this Southern delicacy but can’t get good fresh boiled peanuts in their area. The HAPPIE Chicks' Care Packages include 2 x 2 lb Bags of Boiled Peanuts + custom cooking instructions printed with your personalized message.

Special of the Day $42

$6 Savings - limited time offer
4 X 2lb Bags Southern (8 lbs. total - $48 value)

Southern Jumbo Boiled Peanuts (mmm…) $24

2 x 2 lb. bags (4 lbs. total)

Spicy Cajun Habanero Jumbo Boiled Peanuts $25

2 x 2 lb. bags (4 lbs. total)

Low-Salt Southern Jumbo Boiled Peanuts $25

2 x 2 lb. bags (4 lbs. total)

Peanut Party Pack $44

2 x 2 lb Southern + 2 lb Habanero (6 lbs total) +
2 Bags Roasted Peanuts

Southern Comfort $40

3 x 2lb Southern (6 lbs total) +
Stone Ground Grits (milled locally)

4 Nuts in a Box $38

2 lb Southern + 2 lb Habanero + 2lb Low Salt + Bag of Roasted.

ADD *Care Package Gift Message Option $2

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ADD *Care Package Gift Wrap and Message $5

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Charlotte And The HAPPIE Truck$20

(1st Edition / Hard Cover)

When Donkeys Fly Book$20

(1st Edition / Hard Cover)

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Jumbo Boiled Peanuts - buy online with a happiness guarantee.

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Jumbo Boiled Peanuts - buy online with a happiness guarantee.

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